Mello Great Dane Young Male in Springfield, Missouri

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Mello is a highly intelligent, obedient, loyal, affectionate, well-behaved Great Dane/ Neapolitan Mastiff mix. He is a social butterfly, and you can often find him searching for much-needed attention from his humans as he offers a favorite toy, leans into you for scratchies, rests his hefty noggin on your lap, or inserts his adorable nose under your arm in hopes of getting some pets. When Mello isn’t getting the scratchies, snuggles, and pets from his beloved humans, you can find this playful pooch chewing on a chosen toy, or catching a snooze nearby in his plush bolster bed. This gentle giant wants nothing more than to shadow and spend time with his humans – truly Velcro dog!Mello keeps a watchful eye on his territory and alerts his humans of any unusual activity going on around the periphery. His bark can be quite intimidating (great anti-theft feature!), but he is learning “quiet” and will do a muted “woof” when successfully redirected. This eager-to-please boy often looks to his trusted humans for approval and guidance.Mello’s favorite pastimes include chewing on Benebones, playing with (and sometimes dismembering) plush toys, morning walks, and a game of tug or fetch. He knows several commands (sit, down, and shake) and is doing well with learning new commands like “come”, “leave it”, “drop it”, “stop”, and “heel”, although he is not yet consistent. Mello also LOVES water; whether it’s a kiddie pool, outdoor bath, face dunk into the water bowl, or unlimited slurps from the garden hose! If there is water nearby, he is all in (literally). Aside from being far from his humans, the only thing Mello dislikes is a nail trim. Can you blame him though???Medically, Mello requires a limited ingredient diet, daily supplements, and weekly medicated baths to keep his skin allergies at bay and his luxurious fur shining! He also requires daily eye drops (twice a day) and will need these for the rest of his life. Fortunately, he is compliant and thoroughly enjoys the “good boy” praise he receives after receiving his eye drops.Mello is fully potty trained, and crate trained. While he doesn’t enjoy being in his crate when his humans are home and can be heard moving about (he vocalizes with a pathetic whine), he will happily snooze the day away in his safe space while his humans are away at work or running errands, as long as a midday potty break/ play session is provided. Mello also sleeps in the crate most evenings and has been known to send himself to bed when he is ready to retire. He would also do well in a dog bed near his humans, once he is comfortable and familiar with his environment. Wherever he takes his snooze though, prepare yourself for some epic snoring!Mello is looking for a family that is willing to include him in their daily adventures and one that can offer him all the love and attention he deserves. He gets along well with children, but at 165lbs, he is not always coordinated or aware of his size. He would also do equally well with or without a furry companion and gets along with dogs of all sizes. Because Mello sticks close to his humans and has a good recall, we feel he would do okay with or without a fenced yard, once trust is established. He would also do better on a quiet piece of property, as opposed to a home in a dense neighborhood with lots of adjacent activity (dog walkers, joggers, cyclist, etc.). His bark can be intimidating, and his “job” is to notify his humans when there is an unfamiliar passerby.Mello is an absolute lovebug and wants nothing more than to be loved in return. While he is sometimes excitable, he is an overall gentle and warm pup. He will adorn his trusted people with unlimited slobbery snuggles, affection, and unwavering loyalty.
If you have any questions or would like to adopt Mello, please reach out to the adoption group directly. PetSmart Charities does not facilitate the adoption process. Thank you.

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